Rooted in real life.


21 Roots Farm offers high-quality nature and agriculture-based programming that helps people of all abilities cultivate a sense of purpose and community. By fostering inclusive connections that are rooted in real life, we provide opportunities, resources, and support that encourages all people to tend to their gifts and harvest their full potential.


Under the earth, intricate networks absorb nutrients and water, bringing life to plants and allowing them to flourish.


Similarly, 21 Roots Farm has emerged through a culmination of experiences that have been nurtured beneath the surface. Shortly after college two friends, Amy and Brittany, began dreaming of nature-based programming for adults with developmental disabilities. In 2017, they visited a farm in Ontario, Canada. That trip nurtured the seeds and ultimately blossomed into 21 Roots Farm. Along the journey they have found like-minded people who share in their desire for more opportunities for people impacted by disabilities to interact with nature and agriculture.

Our History

Summer 2018


Nature Days Pilot

October 2018


Farm Purchased

April 2019


501(c)3 Status0btained

May 2019


Farm Began Operation

July 2019


Summer Farm Opportunities